Spaw Treatments

Spaw Treatments…only $5 bucks!

Slick coated dogs like Dobermans and chihuahua’s need there dead hair removed and a de-shedding shampoo. So we card them, toenails, ears bath and card again. Nice and shiny for mom.

Here are exactly whats involved:

  1. Face and Head Wrap: Tearless Face treatment, using a face and head shampoo we rub the muscles and they love it OOH so much. Then we wrap the head in a hot towel wrap and they are relaxed for the rest of the bath
  2. Mud Scrub: Honey and sugar scrub on the body leaving the hair shiny while moisturizing the skin, then a hot towel wrap as they complete their tub visit.
  3. Pawdicure: Soaking the feet in a dead sea mineral salt. Leaving the pads refreshed. It’s all about the pads of the feet. Then a nice waterbased “Pawlotion” is rubbed into the pad.