Ask to see the credentials to the dog grooming school you want to attend.Are they certified in poodle, cockers, terriers, non-sporting, masters certifications. Licensed to be a school?

There is much controversy about the diploma verses certificate. Being a licensed school we are limited to giving certificates.

Here is a post from the Commission on Higher Education.

The regulations of the Commission of Higher Education limit the awarding of diplomas for programs that include general education of a total of at least 120 clock hours in math, english, and psychology. Schools that offer programs of 20 to 600 hours of training, and do not include general education components, are limited to awarding Certifications.

That makes Groomadog Academy a certificate course.

Yes, you will be a professional groomer with a certificate.

We are a licensed school. Anyone can generate a certifications or diploma in their computer, but who licensed them to license you???

If you really want to learn to groom dogs you should consider Groomadog Academy.

Kathy Sanders is the founder of one of the East Coast’s largest residence dog grooming schools. She also hired a professional production company to produce Groomadog videos for her distance learning school Groomadog Academy, a state licensed correspondence course. Kathy is a National Certified Master Groomer and owns Thrudreamin Enterprises, Inc., a consultant firm for dog groomers.

With over 38 years of experience, not only owning several professional dog grooming shops but also owning and operating three dog grooming schools, she has developed a grooming procedure that makes grooming as easy as 1,2,3. She first teaches you how to hand scissor for your own knowledge and skills, so you can compete and achieve your goals. Then optionally, she will teach you the clipper-vac method of grooming as well as teaching you how to groom faster, which is more profitable for your dog grooming shop. Learn to groom dogs with Groomadog Academy.

In the 1982 when Kathy opened her first dog grooming shop, she became so busy so fast that she developed an easy way to train employees so they would pick up on grooming quick and easy. After 8 years of critiquing her basic five haircuts procedure, she decided it was time to pursue her dream: owning a dog grooming school.

Since that time she has been published in the Ark magazine with a pet care column, been on Southern Days Television show in the Myrtle Beach area, and groomed a standard poodle on Cecil’s World television show in Calabash, NC.

After going through all the requirements of the State Dept. of Education, in 1991 she opened her first school. She personally taught over 500 students at that location and then realized the need for a GOOD on-line course, one that would actually teach people how to groom dogs AND open their own business; something for the people that truly would love to be a certified dog groomer but cannot leave home for 12 or more weeks to go to school. Not to mention the four to eight thousand dollars that it would cost. Go to groomadogcourse.com and sign up today to take advantage of the current discount!

So Kathy designed Groomadog Course, trying it out on her on-campus students before licensing it as a correspondence/on-line dog grooming school.

The on-line course with much detail, video’s, pictures and the ability to ask for a video to be added immediately, per the students request. Kathy feels the need for you to groom dogs while taking the course. You cannot learn to groom dogs based on theory. The system she has designed and the feedback that you get with her on-line school is so refined that her students go straight from her courses to opening their own business. They compete at dog grooming seminars and some have gone straight for their master and received it.

Some don’t graduate with the honors of such achievements but Kathy is honest with her students, both her on-line and on-campus, and tells them if they need to work with a grooming shop for a while before opening a shop. However, she will work with all her students until they graduate.

Presently, Kathy is offering a dog CPR certifications course. She is in touch with Jeff Reynolds, president of National Dog Groomers Association of America, and has lectured at their grooming seminars. She is still attending grooming seminars to stay in the leading edge to the newest latest and greatest methods of dog grooming. She is constantly updating the hardback book she wrote, the class curriculum, and her teaching methods.  There is interaction with the students daily not to mention the ability to call her cell phone or email her.

There are dog groomers and dog grooming shops all over the world that has either attended one of Kathy

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